BRIDGES - Better Roles In Developing Girls Equal Success
About Us
The BRIDGES ministry is based on the belief that there is a need to grow spiritually in ourselves. Started in June 2009 by two spirit lead women- Shawn Tillis and Karen Blue Johnson. Together they realized that there was a need to train and teach their daughters how to conduct, perform and carry themselves in a modest manner, while hoping to instill in them leadership qualities without being as they say "stuffy or overbearing." So many of our girls today play dual roles that sometimes we never get to see until something happens beyond our approval. This leaves us amazed and angered because we" didn't see the signs". What we must realize is that most of us do not know the signs, therefore we only get our training on what to do after the fact. At Bridges we want to show our daughters that to be a leader is a great quality if you have  the character to go with it !  Our entire team will be committed to helping meet these needs that are essential in development. We will do our best to provide quality speakers and trainers to assist in the many areas we want to offer . As a result we hope to achieve nothing but positive reinforcement that makes us proud. We welcome and encourage your feedback, suggestions and referrals. 
We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best ministry for you and your daughter. 
6205 Hanging Moss Road
Jackson, MS 39206
Off - I -220
Team members
Our people are among the most talented that will be coordinating some of the events ahead. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.
Bridges team leaders : Shawn Tillis,  Karen Johnson
Bridges board members- Karen Cooper Baker, Hariet Carter, Yoluanda Brown, 
Acitivity coordinators- Jenifer Gibson,  Yolanda Brown, Harriet Carter, Naima Hull
Bridges assistants- Pat Washington, Felicia King,  
Advisors- Bernadette Skinner, Felicia Gavin
* For contact or info on one of these advisors, leave name and phone info and you will be contacted.( All information is confidential and private. )
Want to be part of the team ? Let us know . We are seeking good spirited, leadership style personalities to conduct and give productive feedback and mentorship support.